Our company was founded from Felice Scarpellini graduated in “Gardenstechnicalconstructor”at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.
Felice Scarpellini completed his training abroad, first in Germany and then in the Middle East.

In 1980 he decided to come back to Switzerland and set up the current business, which grows up year after year thanks to his passion and professionalism.
At present more than the realization of parks and gardens, the company specializes in the greening of large areas using the hydro-seeding, in the construction of sports facilities using natural and synthetic grass and in the installation of particular pavements.

Our staff highly skilled is able to provide solutions and suggestions widely tested for the personalized realization of your project assuring you full satisfaction in accordance with the regulations and environmental variables.

Felice Scarpellini
The Founder


Attention to our ecosystem and the daily contact with nature has made us over the time more and more sensitive to the environment in which we live.


Through a careful analysis of the context, a detailed knowledge in botany and a continuing professional development, we design any type of garden.


Our team guarantee for each service, a thorough search of solutions for your needs, putting at your service creativity, dynamism and experience.