By careful environmental analysis and a proper assessment landscape, begins the planning of the Biodesign pools, which allow very quick installation time and a minimum invasiveness of all the preparation works that will avoid major garden restoration work after the completion of the pool.

For biotypes the goal is to recreate the original balance of a natural lake, choosing specially aquatic plants that help purify water without the use of chemicals.


Our environmental commitment is at the service of the future of our planet and of your well-being. Swimming in a garden pool of clear water, without chemicals, naturally heated by pebbles which restore the heat is an experience that will make you forget the stress of everyday life.

Derived from the study of traditional mountain lakes that are home to the bathers in warm periods in wonderful natural landscapes. Made entirely with natural stones, in total absence of cement in the respect of the environment and without the use of polluting materials.

A biotope is a limited size area where live plants and animals of the same species or different species. The biotope is therefore the ecosystem component characterized by biotic data (non-living) and by biological component.