the realization of the garden is based on studied in detail projects, on the careful analysis of the requests and taste of the customer. The demands are adapted to the natural requirements specified by the climate, the soil and landscape.

We perform routine maintenance service for parks and gardens such as shaving meadows, pruning hedges and bushes, weeding of flower-beds, collecting leaves and special treatments.


Nature, plants and flowers release positive psychological effects. The green colour of the plants has a proven relaxing and calming power over the human psyche, useful for the accumulation of tension developed by modern professions.

Parks and gardens are great meeting places for recreation and sports, essential to the individual’s social role. Being in touch with nature means going back to our roots both biologically and symbolically, producing a beneficial effect on the individual.

Supply and installation of green carpets rolls pre gardened of small and large size. The varieties are selected in relation to the context and the place of destination.

These are products that are evermore used to enrich and give a special and decorative touch to public and private green areas.

Through proper preparation of the seed bed, after two growing seasons, we get during the entire year a continuous and different chromaticity of large surfaces.

Thanks to the extensive network of contacts, we offer a wide range of choice on any type of plant at a very competitive prices, so that the garden of your dreams becomes a reality.

We offer the opportunity to design a suitable system of irrigation and install its domestic hydraulic circuit for systems of small and large dimensions.