Collaboration with leading companies in the sector it ensures highly innovative products both for indoor and outdoor sports equipment.

The professionals we work with focus on research and development, prerogative indispensible for a continuous improvement of our works. With the materials we use, your sports facility will be approved by the major international federations.


For the construction of a sports facility it is necessary to consider an infinite numbers of variants, in order to obtain the best possible result in terms of longevity and usability.

Thanks to our many years of experience and professionalism of our staff, we can realize football fields in natural and synthetic lawn, tennis courts in red earth and in synthetic, pavements for athletic tracks and golf courses.

We propose and use natural carpets, synthetic grass surfaces and sports pavements from the excellent durability and high quality of performance, with the best price-quality ratio. Depending on the requirement of the customer we offer products for those who are looking for the best appearance and a guaranteed reliability, ensuring quality and innovation of all the materials used.

Through constructive technical specifications it is made a carrier layer of the sports green carpet, of fundamental importance in order to fulfil different functions. To obtain a quality sports lawn and great wear resistance is essential to use a mixture of first choice and professional expedients well calibrated.

Supply and installation of pre gardened green carpet rolls of small and large size. The varieties are selected in relation to the context and the place of destination.

Thanks to collaboration with leading professionals in the synthetic grass courts production, we are ready to meet and provide solutions for every kind of request, ensuring a certified quality and more innovative products.

Selected in the sector the leading-products that ensure both the safety of the athletes and a range of solutions for design.