The greening of large surfaces through the hydro-seeding technique has developed following natural engineering studies adapted to revive those areas where a traditional sowing method would be inappropriate and insufficient to the realization of a green layer due to the corrosive action of rain event.

The seeds we use are specially created, not only to the purpose of good germination, but also aimed at the growth of most types of natural works needed to anti-erosion actions and to ensure a superficial stability of intervention points.


This method provides, through the professional skills of our team and the use of specific machinery, seed dispersal in certain amounts of water, fertilizer and natural glue, ensuring the best conditions to the germination of the seeds and the proper development of plants.

These reasons for we can greening areas where there are mining activities (quarries), deposit or recycling activities (landfills) sports or recreational activities (golf courses, parks). We can also greening large areas used for infrastructure (roads, railways, pipelines), or impervious and impassable surfaces.

In addition to being of organic origin, its quality is of fundamental importance, as it ensures germination and water retention. Combined with a more efficient organic glue it fixes the seed to the soil and protect it from erosion, rainfall and wind.