pave a surface is of fundamental importance for the overall accessibility of the area concerned, which is an access road or a garden. At the same time we also know that soil is a non-renewable natural resource that performs crucial functions for human activities and ecosystems.

That’s why we try to use suitable materials that allow no to waterproof the ground, so as not to undermine the functions that has towards the environment.


we realize pavements with materials suitable to meet every need. The appropriately designed and built pavement in accordance with best practice, facilitates the identification of a path making it safe and pleasing to the eye.

We are able to create any type of installation to make your pavement original and customized.

It is a very effective system against the soil sealing. They allow rainwater to seep into the soil re-fuelling groundwater by reducing surface discharge and related drainage systems.

Is the recommended solution for stabilize granules and decorative pebbles for an economic, stable and durable pavement.

Interlocking concrete paving blocks is a viable alternative to natural stone and to bitumen for paving outdoor areas. Possibility to realize custom design solutions of each type, durability, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness (Paver).

natural stone coatings and different laying techniques give to the pavement classic and modern styles.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a green roof ensures ecological and economic advantages, provided it is carried out correctly. Thanks to continuous innovation, we can more simply and rapidly implement any kind of extensive green roof by using special boxes that serve as roof tiles.